Cash Point Policy

This policy is limited by time and has been placed for our customers as inaugural offer.

The Customers can get a fixed percentage discount on their orders placed on    by applying these cash points. The last effective date of this policy is 30 June 2020 and is subject to change prior to the last effective date or may be extended beyond 30 June 2020. Decision regarding pre closure or extension of last effective date is purely the discretion of DVMART EShop and will be final.

Cash Points:- As an inaugural offer we are offering equal amount of Cash points spent for purchasing a product or subscribing any services available on the website.

Illustration: If you purchase a product worth Rs.100/- on our website using our pre paid method you will earn equal number of Cash points 100. These cash points will appear in your Account Dashboard and can be managed from there. The rate of earning cashpoint and its monetary value is give below;

Rs. 1 spent = Cash point 1

Value of Cash point

Cash Point 1 = Rs. 1

Inaugural Offer: All new customers on their registration (account creation) get 300 Cash Points which are worth Rs. 300. These cash points can be utilized in form of cash during checkout. During checkout all customers are notified about their available Cash Point and on “Apply Discount”

100% Cash Back: Apart from that Every Rupee spent on the website will earn equal amount of Cash Points. These can be encashed or redeemed while ordering next product or services at checkout pages.

Expiry of Cash points: Cash points validity will be 60 days from the date of earning. However this can be extended on request of Customers depending upon their profile and history of purchase.

Conditions of redeeming Cash points: Redemption/encash during checkout is limited to 10% of the total cart value. If your cart value is Rs. 100 the maximum redemption of cash points will be Rs.10/-

In order to redeem cash points minimum amount in cart should be Rs. 200/-.

This policy is not applicable on Grocery items and other specified FMCG products.

Redemption of Cash point shall not be applicable for products on “sale” or those products which are on “Special Offer”.

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